The Haim sisters show their appreciation in fairly different ways

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St. Vincent at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. Photos by Nate Ryan. See more.

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I don’t know if anything will ever be funnier to me then Adam Scott trying to get through the joke he makes at the end of this clip

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I one time killed a frankenstein
whilst shopping in a store
He lurched towards me, arms outstretched
as I ambled toward the door

In my hands, a new bandana
a hat, ten gallons deep
In my body was a soul
which my body aimed to keep

His voice was ghastly as he spoke in halting monster speech
and I tried, with all my might, to stay out of his reach
He said, “You gotta pay for that” and filled my heart with dread
and then I drew my six-gun and shot the monster dead

The news reports described the monster simply as a man
to keep from terrifying folks as only a frankenstein can.


— "I One Time Killed A Frankenstein" by Dalton Wilcox, poet laureate of the west (via christophersebela)

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Don Draper is Don-o-mite. And he’s one Mad Man.

"You’re dancing against the truck right now, you gotta dance with it, girl."

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You guys decidedly did not take to the idea of making these on your own but don’t worry, I will never let this fun meme die.

adulthoodisokay there are more. many, many, many, many, many, many, many more. And a blank if you want to make your own.